Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Crafts and Fall Festivals

Hi y'all! Wood n' Whimsy (aka; Pam and myself) are going nuts with the prim crafts getting ready for fall festivals and craft fairs. Our 1st one is the Lebanon Fall Festival on Saturday Oct 4th in Lebanon, Illinois. Lebanon is a small rural town, home to McKendree College, about a 30 minute drive from St. Louis. If you live in this area, it's definitely a neat place to go. Lebanon still has many brick streets, several old stately antebellum mansions turned B&B and tons of interesting and quirky craft, antique and gift shops line the main street. It's a very quaint old town. If you live within driving distance it's a great place to get away for a weekend. It's also just a few miles from MidAmerica Airport.
Anyway, here are some of the crafts we are crankin' out! Please let me know your favorite by leaving a comment.

Bowl Fillers. This is Pam's thing as I REALLY, REALLY HATE to sew. I started them and she had to finish them or I would have thrown them away! I have tried so hard to like to sew, but just can't do it. I did coffee stain and decorated them.
This is an old screen that I painted. I have it propped up against a coral color wall, so it isn't showing as well as it should. I love painting on screens. It doesn't require much skill.
This cutie stands about 3 feet tall or can hang.

I love old windows too! I am not an artist so this is a decoupaged picture with the edges burned.
Well that's it for now. Until next time....God Bless,


bj said...

ooo, everything looks so fallish and festive. I enjoyed looking at it all.
Have a wonderful weekend...
love, bj

KKL-Neenee said...

Hi Celene
Love it all - especially the welcome pumpkins.
Best of luck to you & Pam at the Fall Festival!!


Katy said...

Everything looks great...but i like the bowl fillers the best!!! :)

Shari Kraft said...

Celene! These look great! I have about 10 old windows. Great idea to decoupage scenes on them. I'm not a painter either, but you are pretty good, I'd say!

Roxanne said...

Nice handicrafts, We are rich on timbers and materials here in the Philippines, could you help us do stuffs like that? I love looking at those they are so lovely.

Anonymous said...

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