Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Vintage Hot Pads and Doilies

Hey y'all! I've come across some of the cutest vintage goodies! Back in the day, crocheting on plastic doilies was all the rage. Here are some good examples!

I think I'll put these on sale this Flea Market Friday, so if you are interested, check back on Friday. Come on by my website and see my other vintage goodies and hand-did prim purties.

I've also found some adorable vintage aprons! I haven't had the chance to launder and iron them. That could take a while as I need to locate my iron and then find someone to retrain me to operate that particular piece of equipment. I forget, do you need a special heavy equipment license to operate an iron? LOL! It's been awhile.
Until next time...God Bless,



Roxanne said...

Nice work. I love artworks like this one.

Card Poker said...

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