Friday, March 28, 2008

New Babies and Childhood Illnesses

My niece had a beautiful baby boy today. Dillyn Michael, 7lb, 15 oz. Lots of dark hair. I just love that new baby smell, don't you? Nothing smells sweeter, except perhaps that new Cadillac smell. Anyway, Ashlyn is Dillyn's big sister. Ashlyn has always been loquacious, amusing, too grown up. She called me one evening, which in and of itself was cute as she was just 4 years old. She said she had to call to tell me something really important. "Aunt Celene, did you know that when I was a little baby I was Black Toast Intollerate? That's where you are lergic to milk, did you know that?" I laughed hysterically at this dreaded disease! I'll be telling her kids that one some day. Of course she never really was Black Toast Intollerate. She just has a vivid imagination. Silly little monkey! If her new brother is anything like her, my niece has her hands full.

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