Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Randon Acts of Kindness

I am not versed in HTML, I do not have a lot of computer knowledge or technical experience. If it isn't pretty straight forward, I'm lost. I've been struggling to build my Blog site, though I'm happy with it so far, there is still a little fine tuning to be done. This brings me to the random acts of kindness. I emailed and asked another blogger, a stranger on the worldwide web for help with something on my site. I never really expected a reply. Not only did Sandee reply, she helped me with the HTML codes and walked me through a problem that had me totally baffled. Now, thanks to Sandee I can add some of your sites to My Friends List! Please take a minute to visit Sandee's Blog Comedy Plus . Thanks Sandee for being kind and taking your precious time to help a stanger. It made me wonder about other random acts of kindness. Here are a few I found at a site called Random Acts of Kindness

Missing Bag Submitted By: K Harrell Date Submitted

I was already late after leaving a store and wanted to get home as quickly as possible. As I was getting into my car, I noticed a large handbag, open, in a shopping cart return area next to my car. I could have left it but I knew in seconds how I would feel if I had left my handbag in a cart. I went inside to leave it with the guest services desk in the large store. I had to wait several minutes, making me even later in getting home, but I felt patience come to me. As I was leaving the store after turning in the bag, a woman was rushing into the store and I knew it was the owner of the handbag! I went with her to the counter and she was so grateful. She wanted to give me something but I was reluctant. I gave her my business card and a few weeks later she sent to me a gift card to a restaurant which I was then able to use to treat a friend who had been helping my family. The giving continues and so must the receiving.

A Shiny Floor Submitted By: Diane

I work full-time and I have two children. My husband and our children and I live in a small apartment in a multi-family home we own. We also have a cat and a dog. It's cozy and never boring, but a challenge to keep up.My youngest son was just a year old when my birthday came. He was still waking up during the night, so my husband and I were often exhausted, and our jobs were very challenging. My older son had sports practice, scouts, etc. It seemed like our house would never be clean again.I came home from work on my birthday and found the dishes clean, laundry done, the furniture dusted, and the kitchen and bathroom floors very, very shiny. My sister had used her extra key to let herself in during the morning (she works second shift) and clean the whole apartment! It was one of the nicest presents I've ever received.

""From what we get we make a living. From what we give we make a life."" Author:Blake Beattie.


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

How nice of you. What a great shout-out. Thank you so much. Your turn will come to help someone else down the road. That's how cool bloggers are. I loved the two random acts of kindness reads too. Have a great day. :)

AC Associates said...

Hi there,
I've enjoyed your post and your blog. You recently commented on one of my posts and I have tagged you! Just return to the post you commented on and you will find my comments. If you need help, please just let me know.
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